Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Low oxygen levels

Last night Jude was fussy again so I took him off all his monitors and held him for awhile. He just loves it. However after a few minutes Jude started looking very pale and listless to me so I hooked him back up to his machines. His oxygen level was at 72 (YIKES). I yelled for Mike to assist me so I could get everything on Jude quicker. I handed Mike the re-breather mask and had him put that on while I suctioned Jude. I did suction thick secretions which cleared Jude's airway enough to bring his oxygen level into the 80's. However we did struggle for awhile to get his oxygen levels normal and keep them that way. I also notice that Jude's coloring was still pretty off. I told Charlotte about this incident this morning and she told me she had something similar happen to her yesterday when she was bathing Jude. 

I checked on Jude throughout the night after that happened. The night nurse was probably wondering why I kept getting up but I kept hearing Jude's alarms go off. At one point when I walked into the living room I noticed Jude looked almost grey and this was very scary to me. So I re-positioned him to the right and made sure his re-breather was on securely and he started to pink up. 

I am not sure what's going on but I don't like this sign. This oxygen situation is a little more extreme than it has been. However, you know Jude! He could be up smiling today like nothing ever happened. I will hope for that. 

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