Saturday, March 21, 2015

How is Jude?

Jude is up and down. We have a few fears about his health and its decline. His hands look puffy and his feet have a slight bluish tint. His urine has decreased along with his bowel movements. Our home health care nurse called hospice yesterday to inform them what is going on so they are sending a nurse by to evaluate Jude's condition. A few people asked me about antibiotics yesterday and this what I found out. If hospice feels he has an infection they will prescribe the antibiotics to keep him comfortable. They do not think it will change any outcome of any situation or any road we may be heading down. 

So the fear or better yet understanding of this situation is it looks like Judes kidneys may not be working properly. However Jude has not had a fever again since yesterday and he has a way of rallying and being okay. I will say Jude doesn't look well to me. When he is awake he is so stressed and in such pain we have to sedate him. He struggles to breathe and is hurting and cannot tell us where he is hurting. 

We are okay. We are actually all very positive around Jude and are doing all we can for him. We know again this could be days, weeks, or years. It's a matter of keeping Jude as comfortable as we can. Emily and a quick appointment today and then her father is taking her to his house. Mike and I will be here the whole weekend with Jude. 

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