Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Apnea and the morning

Jude had a pretty rough early morning. I kept getting up and down because I was hearing his alarms going off. Around 6:30am I heard Jude gasping for air and having pretty severe apnea. I asked the night nurse to remove the cannula and put on his non re-breather mask. I think asked her to do a breathing treatment to see if that would help calm his respiratory down. After about 45 minutes and lots of re positioning his breathing finally returned to normal. However then he started having a few issues with his oxygen level. Luckily by 8am when Charlotte got there Jude was resting comfortable. 

I also noticed that last night Jude's cough seemed like it was deep and coming from his chest. Generally he just has thick throat secretions and the cough is quick and easy to control. Last night he would get choked up and have a hard time recovering from it. 

Hopefully today will be much better than his overnight. 

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