Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It's Wednesday!

Jude had a rough afternoon yesterday and a rough over night. I could hear his alarms going off as I drifted in and out of sleep last night. I would come into the living room to check to see how Jude was doing and the nurse would explain he was just having a rough time. He finally went to sleep around 4am and the last I talked to Charlotte he was still sleeping. Looking back I wonder how we made it to work after being up with Jude until those wee morning hours for so many years. 

We are dealing with mixed emotions around my house regarding Jude, work, and life in general. I have little patience for rudeness and I am pushing things like forgiveness. Complete forgiveness.......that means no questions, no dwelling, and you walk away a better person. My friend said I have had an enlightenment. There are things I have found through this walk with Jude that are important. Being positive, complete forgiveness of others, finding the silver lining, being your true self,  complete honesty, and finding inner peace. 

Mike is not feeling well and has been struggling with his respiratory the last two days. He mentioned to me that it makes him sad knowing that Jude struggles so much more than he does. He even mentioned that he isn't sure why Jude keeps running this race. He didn't mean that derogatory but rather that he hates to see his son in pain. 

Mike has an interview tomorrow morning with his work for a better position. We would appreciate your prayers. 

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