Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What is THAT? (Arrow pointing up)

Anyone know what that big thing is above this post? lol! I am blogger challenged! Help!

For a quick update...Mikey is sick and therefore that means the world is coming to an end. When Men are sick they are always "dying". So he tossed and turned all night and Jude was up all night. About 5:30am Mike went upstairs and I slept like a bear hibernating. I slept so hard for that hour that I have had a spring in my step most of the day.....go figure!

Our new speech therapist is coming to evaluate Jude the Monday after Christmas. I am thrilled I will be home for the meeting. Also, my friend Jen left today for maternity leave. Many prayers for a safe and fast delivery for her on Thursday. I will primarily be the only licensed agent at work for six week, but I enjoy staying busy. It makes the days quick and keeps me going.

Anyway, any help with the above said "HTTP" issue would be great. Thanks!

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Casi said...

I googled it... It says twisted metal alliance, when u go to the site it has it on there too! Not sure how it got on your blog though? Strange!!