Monday, December 12, 2011

My hubby loves me!

So this weekend I realized something. My husband loves me.............I mean he really loves me. I look in the mirror and see my reflection now and just feel terrible. The years and the stress have aged me. I still try to take my walks and would love to be a size 6 again, but I feel like I am walking against a hurricane. There is no time, there is no money, it's just well... bah Despite my appearance I realized with a warm fuzzy feeling inside that he loves me for who I am. He still walks by me as I am cooking and hugs me. He still wakes up in the middle of the night and says, "You are the best mom and wife anyone could have". He still says "I am going to marry you someday". He may have his moments, but that guy loves me. I am lucky! Mike is my soul mate and just such a great guy. I love how he uses "Jude's" voice to cuss about toys and how Jude wants to be ready for the "zombie's" in 2012 (don't ask).  It's so wrong, but hilarious. I also love how sweet and gentle he is with Jude and how great he is to Emily. He is the ultimate bad boy turned good with rough edges and I love him!

Here are some pictures from this weekend.

My big over 40 pound boy! You know if we stand him up he comes to my waist...and he is THREE?


Bea, OT said...

What a great man! Sweet wishes to all your family!

rocketmommy said...

Such a sweet post! I love the pics too, especially the first one with Emily and Jude. =)

Rita said...

You have such a precious family. And Mike he didn't leave when the going got rough. He says the nicest things to you at times. I was married to a Mike, my Mike left 23 years ago. He was not like your Mike at all. I am seriously happy that you got the good one. ((hugs))
I didn't remarry but I do know the feeling of being loved and I'll never forget it.

Marcy said...

So sweet! I love that he still says he is going to marry you someday. :) Makes my heart melt. My husband is also a big tough guy on the outside, but such a sweet mushball with the boys, especially Parker.