Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A sick little Jude

Jude is sick. We escaped it for awhile, but my little man just really isn't feeling well. It started Saturday when Jude got up at 3:18am and didn't go back to sleep until 6am. We knew this was out of the norm for him. Basically the last few nights have continued with him being up and down, cranky, whining, and not himself. I wasn't getting my normal amount of smiles either. In fact, last night his smiles seemed a bit forced. Jude was also very difficult to get to sleep last night. Once he finally went down he woke up about an hour later and I didn't get him back to sleep until 12:30. If he doesn't sleep...his body won't heal. Keep in mind that Jude was doing all this through his sedative. He is now coughing, congested, and just seems achy. We keep the rotation of Tylenol and Motrin going........although we ran out of Motrin and I need to grab some on the way home. If anyone is by my house today and can drop off some Children's Motrin I would be grateful. So little Jude is out of school today. I am sure he will miss his teacher.

Charlotte said his throat is very red, green drainage is coming down his throat, no fever this morning (but has had low grade), his lungs sound clear, but his respiratory rate is in the 40's vs his normal 20's. You just never know with Jude?? This could be a simple cold he is battling or it could turn into something serious. Charlotte and I are wondering if this is a reaction to the flu shot? I know systematic reactions to flu generally last 1-2 days and we are going on five days with the symptoms getting worse. Jude got his shot on Thursday 12/1.

You just never know. I hate the unknown. It could be just a common cold.........or it may not. The may not is what always keeps me on my toes. It also keeps me unable to tune out Jude's whimpers at night like Mike tells me to. Since I cannot tune them out I tend to keep Mike awake because I am awake. Our house is a pleasant place to be right now..lol. Anyway, I put a call into the doctor and I am waiting to hear what she says. My guess it's either the flu shot, a cold, or an upper respiratory infection. The later is out major concern because that is the initial stage of possible pneumonia for Jude. Jude has started to vomit again due to his congestion and that seemed to be Charlotte's major concern due to the possible aspiration.

Hopefully he will be well soon and this will all be nothing to worry about.

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