Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Reading books and a bit down

I have been reading Jude books at night lately and he seems to love it. I take great pleasure in sharing something with Jude that I shared with Emily. It was very important to myself and to her her father that Emily was read to every night. When she got older she would then read to us. I thought she was brilliant at age 3 when she read "Brown Bear Brown Bear" to me, but then I realized she had memorized the book. Still not bad for a three year old. Jude watches the book as I turn the pages, he squeals, and talks to me as I say the words aloud. I think he truly enjoys it. I always say there is more going on in his mind than we think there is.

I have been a bit down again for pure selfish reasons. Mike has not gotten promoted at work yet like we anticipated, but I am grateful he has a job. We are crossing our fingers and hoping that Mike gets his lead position with a nice salary and full benefits. We still debate about having another baby. We both want one, but are very scared because of Jude's condition. We are scared because of money and because I would want to have a more flexible schedule. So who knows.........and we are running out of time. So It's a little disheartening to think about letting a dream go I guess. Looking back I guess I should have started my own agency at some point and I would be in a different position today.

It has been SUPER busy at work for the last two weeks. I like it like that, but whew! As of three o'clock today I was officially caught up and it's officially 100% DEAD! Everyone is starting to leave out for the holidays. I am primarily done with my shopping so we just have to sit back and enjoy our family, friends, and good memories. I hope everyone has a good holiday!

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rocketmommy said...

We hope this New Year brings you the goodness and happiness that you and your family have brought to so many others. Happy Holidays! =)