Monday, December 26, 2011

A shave and a haircut 2 cents!

We had a good Christmas! We feel blessed and loved. I am thrilled that we have our two beautiful children with us, that we have good jobs, and our health. 

Today we gave Jude a much needed haircut. We put it off for so long because Jude just hates getting his haircut. I am not sure if it scares him or just bothers him.  So Mike, Charlotte, and myself started giving Jude his haircut and Jude was just miserable. He wailed, he cried, and he whined. I felt so horrible for him. Afterwards I kissed and consoled Jude and sweet Charlotte gave him a warm bath. The final results show a clean cut Jude.

Since we were home today we got to talk with Jude's new speech therapist whom I LOVE. It turns out that his speech teacher from school resigned and is now a home health therapist. Jude is her first case and he perked up when he heard her voice. I think he was so happy to see her. She has great goals for Jude in regards to communication and I think she will succeed. Since Emily now has an IPAD she plans to incorporate it into Jude's therapy. He is not advanced enough to use many of the Apps, but she said he will enjoy an app that has a big cute monster that pops balloons and more.

I hope everyone had a safe Christmas.

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