Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Where is Emily?

Tonight I was cleaning up around the kitchen and Mike emerged from playing his new video game (don't get me started on that subject).

Mike: Where is Emily?
Me: She went upstairs to take a bath and I am not sure what she did after that
Mike: Is she feeling okay?
Me: Yes, I think she is just becoming a teenager
Mike: So I don't have her down her hanging on me..(pause)... EMILY I AM STILL COOL YOU KNOW (he yells upstairs)
Me:I know I guess she won't be down here all the time...I giggle

Then we both pause

Me: I miss her
Mike: Me too
Me: We are in BIG trouble...

Emmy soon returned to hang out for awhile, but she then ventured back upstairs. Luckily she is still pretty attached to me and likes to sit in the same seat I do. Not sure what I will do when she goes away to college, but I think we got a very quick glimpse into the future.

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