Friday, October 14, 2011


Tonight I was holding Jude and he seemed to get a bit tired of momma smothering him and wanted down on his mat. Soon he was saying, "uhhhhhhhhh". He grew louder and louder and Mike and I smiled at his communication abilities. I said, "He wants up!" Mike asked, "Jude do you want up?". Jude replied very clearly, "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhup!". We were both SO tickled. When Mike lifted Jude into his arms Jude had the biggest smile I have ever seen. Jude was so very proud of himself. He kept smiling and cooing with great exaggeration.

Jude then wanted back down again. I placed him on his tummy and Jude began moving all around his mat. His lifted his bottom, he moved his legs, he used his arms like a swimmer, and he wanted to "go go go". He even used his leg in a swimming motion for the first time.

He is making such progress and such a little fighter! We are so proud.

I also had a comment on my slide show tonight about how Jude's baby pictures look so "normal". Yes they do. Make no doubt that Jude's life is laced with a lot of medication, G button feeds, and sedation. Although, he is dearly loved. He cannot walk, he has trouble seeing, but he is starting to communicate. He is rebelling against what the doctors said. I hope he rebels for a really long time!

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