Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jude's dr visit

Jude had a neuro visit today. The doctor said he thought Jude looked very well and said he thinks his seizure activity has decreased. He did give Jude a prescription for Valium in case he has another episode where he is rigid and arching. He believes this is attributed to the Schizencephaly and that there is little we can do about it. Although, he wants us to avoid another ER trip is possible.

So I mentioned yesterday that Emily's birthday was a success. You can see the news piece they did on her at this link.

Last night I gave Jude 3/4 of his sedative vs 1/2 to see if it would help him sleep better and it did. He woke up once about 1:30. Problem is I guess he slept SO well and soundly that he was bright eyed and laughing up a storm in his bed at 5am. Man, I just can't win...lol!

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