Monday, October 24, 2011

Therapy and mobility

Today on lunch I went up to Jude's therapy center to meet a rep with the mobility company. While waiting on the rep to arrive I got to sit in on Jude's therapy session. They are now using one of the therapy dogs with Jude to get him to stay calm during the Vital Stem. We have animals at home, but I have never really seen Jude respond to our animals the way he does with the therapy dog. The dog really calms Jude and Jude will relax his hands when "Walker" puts his head on Jude's lap. I was really amazed at the effect the dog had on my kiddo.

Soon the rep arrived from Amigo Mobility and we chatted about the issues we are having with Jude's chair. We showed him where the bruising was on Jude's leg and he measured Jude. He then got his tools and worked on Jude's chair for awhile readjusting it. He was very honest with us and explained that Medicaid will not want to get Jude a new chair and is going to fight us the whole way. The fact he has a new diagnosis with the Scoliosis will help because his stroller chair is not good for the Scoliosis. He then pointed out there Jude has no more room to grow in this chair. So his suggestion was to order some additional padding to last him until he outgrows the chair completely and then we will file that the chair is "maxed" out. He is going to order another bath chair regardless of the fact that it's only two years old. He said "when it's maxed it's maxed" We have a three year old that is almost 4 feet so a baby bath chair isn't going to work.

We then discussed lifts for Jude since he is so big. They have portable lift that will take Jude off the bed, off the floor, off anything and carry him to where he needs to go. This will be so much easier on myself and primarily on Charlotte. Last but not least we are getting a portable suction unit to go on Jude's wheelchair in case he throws up at school. He is throw up sessions have been much better lately, but when he starts throwing up it takes awhile for it to stop. Therefore, we have to keep his airways suctioned.

While discussion the lift Charlotte put a thought into my head I didn't have before. Currently Jude uses his exercise mat when he lays on the floor and plays with his toys. She said she worked for another family that had a platform built like the one at our therapy center. This helps the nurse and the family. Seems to me it would also help the child from being on the floor so much. So I did some research online and found this.

It's the exact same height and looks the same as the one in the therapy center. I would just need a thin mattress or a large mat to go on it. It would be odd having a bed in my living rooms, but I give up on trying to have a cute house. It just isn't going to happen anymore. So I am going to talk to Mike about getting something like this for Jude during the day.

I was really aggravated today because I was so pressed for time during Jude's meeting. I had to get back to work but I wanted to concentrate on what Jude needed. I so wish I could magically pay off my house and get a converted mini-van so I could stay home with Jude. I would like to be the one that drives him where he needs to go and be able to attend his appointments. I really do!

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Anonymous said...

You might be able to find someone to make the table for you and save some money. When I was teaching we had tables or whatever their called like that for the same reason and it was a great place to lounge. It might not look like a couch, but we loved to pile on it with several kids and read or watch a movie - quite comfy while also being a help from lifting kids off the floor. Currently, we actually are using a daybed for Meya and it pretty much serves the same purpose of keeping her off the floor, but not near as much room to wiggle is the downfall.