Wednesday, October 26, 2011

getting healthy, an unhappy Jude, and living life!

Well I promised to always be honest on my blog so here is an admission. Everyone says that I seem so put together to be honest I am not always. I have struggled with everything that happened on a continous basis. I have worked through a lot, but I still have issues.  I don't work out like I used to due to time constraints. I have a real hard time falling asleep so I have probably to much wine to remedy that. So I am getting myself back on track. I am determined. I have noticed some health issues and I am getting myself back into my work out routine and eating healthy!!! I am enjoying my life and every part of it......or at least I am going to try. I struggle with life not turning out like I wanted it to. Not being able to stay home, have more kids, etc. It's selfish, but I admit I struggle with it. Time to realize what I should be thankful for and get back on track. Time to do the things we wanted to do and include Jude if possible. I am also determined to find Jude's accesible van soon and get his bathroom converted like we knew we would have to due to his size.

Last night Jude was a little STINKER and I realized that he has bad days too. He was grumpy and would not get settled. He didn't want to be held, put down, or in his bed. He only wanted on his tummy and he couldn't stay there because he was rubbing his chin raw. So somedays even little Jude cannot be satisfied.

I am actually enjoying today even though it sounds like I am down. I have been walking every night. I am now eating healthy again and our future is looking much better. I know that Mike will eventually be promoted at work and I think things will be so much better!

We are also going to ask for Jude's flotation device he needs for aqua therapy for his Christmas. I am truly excited about this and can even take him to my cousins to participate in family day over there. I think Jude could do SO much in the water.  

After I wrote my blog I logged into my email and my aunt had sent me the following you tube link. Wow doesn't that put your life into perspective.

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