Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The big night away and more

So this past weekend Mike and I went on our overnight anniversary excursion. We didn't have definate plans on what we were going to do other than stay at the Marriott in Dallas. Once we got there I noticed the Dallas Aquariam was right across the street. Mike was not to thrilled that I was "making" home go to the facility. However, once we started our tour he was very impressed.

We really liked the shark tank!

 Mike had to get a close up of the Jaguar being a boy. I mean really???

After the aquarium we went to the only place where everything you could possibly eat has been dipped and fried....the Texas State Fair.

 Mike says fried bananas are........well not that great!

The State fair reassured as that we are old and after about 1.5 hours we headed back to the train to take us back to Dallas. We met a sweet but dirty old lady who kept wiggling her eyebrows at me regarding "our anniversary". I couldn't help but giggle at her. Once we got back to our room we talked about where to eat. We had originally thought of an upscale steak dinner, but we settled with the Italian homestyle cooking of the Spaghetti Warehouse. We settled into their bar area to eat, watch the Rangers play, and have some drinks. We were greeted by a very sweet but rather drunk bartender and she was pure entertainment the rest of the night. So the night away was a success, but I did find myself wondering about Jude. I knew he was in safe hands with nurse Allan and our sweet friend Fleck.

When we got home the next morning I had the following conversation.
Me: did you get up a lot?
Fleck: Not to bad only about 4 or 5 times
Me: Oh good
Fleck: but there was one point where I thought the cat had crawled into your blinds. He was up on the dressed banging them as hard as he could when I remembered your blog and that you said he wants out. So I got up and he went out.
Me: Makes you want to hurt him huh?
Fleck: Not sure how you do it everyday I would hurt myself or someone else by now.

So all in all it was a good weekend!

So during therapy yesterday I mentioned I watched Jude in Speech. I also went to watch him in Physical Therapy where they failed to bring the therapy dog. Jude was NOT happy! He was crying so hard that they were trying everything to get him to calm down. So I began to talk to him and every time I would talk he would turn his head towards me and listen. Then he would turn his head back and cry, but he knew my voice. The therapists all commented on how well he responds to me and that made me feel great.

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