Friday, October 21, 2011

Head injury and stars

Well I made a really dumb girl move last night. Ever had one of those? I was getting groceries out of the back of my car and started to close the top when I noticed I left something. I reached back in to get it forgetting I pulled down the top and rammed the top of my head into my car. For a second I thought I may black out. It was bad enough that my husband came running. Emily then got a wet rag with ice because I was positive I had broken my head open. Mike pulled my hair back and said, "You didn't break it open but it is really swelling up". UGH!

I feel terrible today. Coming from someone that has had a severe concussion before that affected my recognition I am pretty sure I gave myself a really mild concussion. My ears are ringing, my eyes are swollen, my head throbs every time I turn my head. Just brilliant I tell you! Right before my big anniversary weekend.

If I could have stayed home in bed I would have. I am sitting at work pretty miserable patting myself on the back for a dumb job well done!

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Gilda said...

Oh gosh! how terrible hope your feeling better.