Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A little off and a view of fate

Jude is just not himself. I am not really sure what is going on. It may be his teeth or it may not, it's always a guessing game. He got upset on our walk again last night and he continued to wake up from 2am on this morning. Honestly.......we are all really tired again. Mike suggested that we might try increasing the sedative to 3/4 a table vs 1/2. He was originally prescribed a full tablet, but it was to much for him at the time. He also isn't smiling as much as he normally does. He still smiles and giggles, but he just seems a bit off. Mike and I plan on sleeping late on Saturday when the nurse is there to watch Jude. We are keeping a close eye on the little boy to see if there are any signs of anything going on. Jude is truly enjoying school! He went to recess for the first time yesterday and got to ride the swing. The teacher said he loved it!

So this morning on the radio I was listening to an interview with Seth Macfarlane the creator of Family Guy. He is a truly interesting person seeing how he writes, acts, sings, and more. He also had a fascinating story with a fascinating response. On September 11, 2011 he was booked on flight 11 which was the first plane to hit the north tower. Due to a hangover and an incorrect time written down by his travel agent he missed the flight by 15 minutes. When the radio personality asked him if he has pursued a more meaningful life since being spared by fate he had an interesting reply. He said that he believes we put to much significance upon life situations that just revolve around coincidence. Who is to know he might have been hit on the street this morning if he had stepped out a few minutes later. I was fascinated by this because it was a different way of thinking than what I am used to. I truly believe in fate. Maybe he had more to do here? Maybe he wasn't intended to be a martyr on the planes? Who knows, but it was an interesting thought process. Everyone is so different.

So I tried to highlight my hair last night since I am running a bit low on funds and we are out of credit at the salong. It didn't go that well which is surprising because I have done this with ease in the past. I am pretty brassy and funny spotted! Oh well, I guess it makes for interesting conversation.

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