Friday, October 14, 2011

A scare and NYC

I had a bit of a scare today regarding Emily's Smile Boxes and Emily being in the public eye. It may very well be nothing but a bunch of kids, but nevertheless I was a bit creeped out.  Although, I believe it was just that...a "scare". We monitor Emily's charity like hawks and all emails that come through the website and the primary email go through ME first. Emily handles making the boxes, appearances, etc, but be assured that I handle every aspect of the rest of the company. I am a smart woman and I have known from the beginning of Emily's venture that I would need to watch her closely. She is tightly protected so in case you are wondering.......mama doesn't play nice when it comes to her baby chickees!

Anyway, I think I mentioned that I have three nights at a Marriott hotel. I suggested that we go to San Antonio for Thanksgiving and take Jude to Morgans Wonderland. I wanted to see Emily's path light for her award and let Jude for on an accessible merry-go-round. Mike reminded me that he would be at the Cowboys Game on Thanksgiving.......darnit! So he looked at me and said "How about New York?" I was a bit surprised he suggested it and replied "what about Jude?". He suddenly seemed sad both that Jude could not go and we could not go. We had talked before hiring a good friend that has training with caring for someone with needs to sit Jude if we needed her to. So I suggested "Let's use the respite and hire her". I explained to him in a calm manner that it's okay to want to go somewhere. Truly it's okay to want for things.  Every day couples take vacations with and without their children. We could always take Jude to Morgans wonderland in the Spring when it will be a bit warmer. Mike seemed interested and started talking about how amazing it would be to show Emily New York City. We fly for free so we could go for the weekend and only have to pay for meals. We are still considering it, but the thought is there. Are we sad that Jude wouldn't go with us? Of course. Do we know he would be in good hands .... yes. Do I think it's important to take these mini excursions throughout the year.....MOST definatley.

So Jude slept pretty well last night which is a great thing. Emily has a sinus infection today and isn't feeling well. We are hoping for a relaxful healthy weekend.

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Katy said...

I struggle with this too. Sometimes we opt not to bring Charlie to something--because we know that he would hate it--but I feel bad for leaving him behind. I know he'd be miserable if he went and wouldn't have a good time at all, but you still have a twinge when you make those decisions.