Monday, November 23, 2009

Take that sissy!

Forgive my sentences that do not make sense lately. Earlier when I was writing my dream blog I was working and I left out several words, and reversed some words. Sad thing is I was on lunch, but still working, so I still messed up. Forgive me?

Tonight I was fixing dinner, and Emily was watching Jude for me while I cooked. I walked over to check on them, and Emily was holding Jude close to her. She told me that he kept "hurting" her, and she swore it was on purpose. I stood back without uttering a word, and she watched TV not looking at Jude. Suddenly I saw him raise his arm and "KAAAPOW" he smacked her in the face, and grinned. Let me point out the importance of this moment. Jude smiled without anyone smiling at him, without anyone talking to him, and without anyone making the famous "kissy" noise. He seemed like he was processing the situation, and he was "playing" with his sister. Well being naughty, but still playing. He didn't hit her hard, but was trying to catch her attention.

Jude has several spasms tonight, and one very violent seizure, which is so upsetting to us. His diapers are still very messy, so as mentioned it's either his teeth, or a bug.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the "kaaaapow incident". Now I am off for a nice glass of wine.

Ps ~ I input my symbols of my dream into the dream interpreter supplied by a reader. I have found I am either really CRAZY, or able to cope with any situation handed to's a toss up, yes I am giggling.


Purple Quilter Queen said...

That is so awesome about Jude playing with Em. I'm sure it warmed your heart to see that. So awesome!!

Candace said...

Way to go, Jude. No offense, Emily! LOL!

Debbie said...

That is awesome!
Funny how something kids would normally get scolded for, hitting their sibling, makes us is typical, purposeful behavior! I would love to see Hudson smack one of his siblings and smile...super cool moment for you! (Sorry Sis!)