Monday, November 9, 2009

Seizures, and traffic

I had an extremely busy weekend, and now I am exhausted today. I planned two Scentsy parties, not knowing we would have 3 softball make up games. In other words I planned just the perfect amount of events so I wouldn't be overly tired, and then fate intervened and messed that plan up. It actually turned out to be two games because the girls lost one, but now we have another game tonight at 6pm. Can you hear me sighing loudly? I am leery of entering softball again next season because the make up schedule has been a nightmare of a ride.

So yesterday Emily went with me to my friend Ginger's house which is about an hour away, and we held a Scentsy party. It was great fun seeing her, and meeting her friends. Ginger and I were best friends in high school, and inseparable at the time. She is still my closest friend, and I can tell her anything, at any time. She is the person you can call at four in the morning, and she will answer just to listen. I wouldn't do that, but it's still a good way of explaining what a great person she is. Anyway, the party went wonderful, but the drive home was ANNOYING! I left near seven because I was trying to avoid the Nascar traffic, I learned the hard way to never get entangled in this mess. Well guess what? YEP! I came over the hill and there were fifty million red tail lights, and I just sighed with disbelief. I sat on that highway forever, and it turned out that not only was it the Nascar traffic, but a nasty horrible car wreck that caused the issue. I told Emily not to look at the grotesque scene only to hear her shout "Oh no mommy I LOOKED I LOOKED", and then she covered her eyes. We finally made it out of the mess so I could walk into the house grumbling under my breath about how the city needs a better system regarding the race traffic. I honestly, have no idea who's idea it was to create such a spectacular arena outside a TWO lane highway!! I truly believe that the people that live in the surrounding neighborhoods should have stickers on their windows to allow them to pass. In addition, my child was having a full blown seizure in the back of the truck, and there wasn't anything I could do. I thought about getting out of my truck, and screaming, but I figured that would just land me in jail so I refrained.

Jude's seizures greatly increased this weekend, although he seemed to be in a great mood. It was a very odd combination, and I am wondering what's going on. Tomorrow he sees his neurologist so we will be able to evaluate the situation better. I can assure you that another hospital stay, and EKG is awaiting us in the near future.


Knowledge Safari said...

Hi! Just found your blog through Max! We look forward to learning more about you and your cute family!

We are developing a new social network for parents/grandparents/etc/ with children who have special needs.

Sneak Peek:


We will be linking your blog to ours!

Katy said...

Ugh. That sounds horrible.

We're going to see the neurologist tomorrow too!!!! I'm going to cross my fingers for both of us.

Pam said...

I read about your Jude an Em but don't comment much. I'll be keeping the little man in my prayers. God Bless the little Prince, and you all as well.

TMI Tara said...

Oh I'm sorry! I hope your visit to the neurologist is helpful. I'll be checking back to see how things are going. {{HUGS!}}