Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A quick update

Good afternoon everyone. I am sorry I have not updated with the Halloween pictures, but my husband has taken off with my memory card. I hope to have those posted very soon. I do have a bit of news on additional progress with Jude. He has decided that he likes to eat mashed potato's, without a fuss. Also he is turning towards my face when I pick him up. In other words when I pick him up he will turn his face to look directly into my eyes, and smile. This only lasts for a few seconds but it's wonderful to see him doing this. The other night I actually went and laid down next to him smiling at him to see if he could actually see me and respond. It took awhile, but he finally smiled real big and turned his head quickly.

I have been told the reason he turns his head is because of the CVI, and my image is distorted. The distorted image can become confusing because his brain wants to process the image correctly, and it become overwhelming for him. He is such a sweet baby though, and really loves to be held. Although his little hissy fits have increased as well, probably because he is getting older, and can demand more.

Emily and I have a fall festival within our neighborhood this weekend. We are setting up a smile box table to accept donations, and I have a Scentsy table to promote my product. We have some large beanie babies that will not fit in the smile boxes, and we are going to give them as prizes at Em's table, for a small game she is hosting. We thought this would leave a lasting impression on the children, and then they would remember her Smile boxes.

If you haven't been to www.littlefacesphotography.blogspot.com, please take a second to check our and follow Tiarra's blog. She does several littlest hero shoots in DFW, and she is such a great person. Since her shoot Mike is very fired up about photography again, and had littered my loft with large lights, backdrops, and cameras. Mike took the picture of her kids at the top of her blog. He has extensive education, and experience in photography, and even flew to Spain one year, to film the running of the bulls. Someday I will have to post his pictures from that trip, he has such an eye for things we would never see. Anyway, Em is his guinea pig tonight for a photo session, and I am anxious to see how he does.


Candace said...

Cool Jenn,I can't wait to see the results. I am glad that Jude is doing some new things! Small steps, momma, small steps!

A Girl Named Me said...

It's so good to read about the progress your sweet baby is making. xo