Thursday, November 26, 2009

1 kid up, 1 kid down

So last night Mike, and I went to bed chit chatting. I really appreciate the times that Mike, and I have in privacy to just talk about everyday life. Emily was asleep, and Jude was being quiet in his playpen. We chatted for awhile, and then we tried to get Jude to sleep, but he would not have it. Since Jude was not fully asleep Mike offered to take him upstairs so I could get my sacred 10-2 sleep. Mike let me know that Jude went to sleep fairly easily, and then he spent some time playing game up in his "man cave".

A little after three am, the lights in the kitchen flipped on, and I heard someone rustling about.

Me: Emily?
Emily: Yes mommy?
Me: What are you doing?
Emily: I threw up, I am putting my comforter into wash

I wasn't sure if I should be more concerned the fact my child was throwing up, or that my notoriously messy child had taken upon herself to wash her messy bedding. Anywho, I jumped out of bed, and headed to the kitchen.

Me: are you okay?
Em: Yeah I think I just ate to many crackers
Me: Crackers do not normally make you sick

Em then headed back upstairs

Em: Well it's probably no big deal................

Me: Oh dear...............this isn't good....

To say the least the rest of the night included Emily dealing with all the forms of a horrible stomach virus, poor thing! I would run upstairs each time she would vomit, bringing her cold rags, ice water, and pedialyte popsicles, but nothing seemed to help. The last time Emily had anything like this, it was a parasite caught from a local swim school, and she was only five, therefore she didn't remember all of it.

Last night she begged for me to make it stop, but I explained I couldn't help her until the virus had to run it's course. Luckily in only three hours the horrible episodes seem to stop, and I made my way back downstairs...........only to find..........Jude wide awake. I figured I was already awake so I just picked him up and took him to the living room. He was gnawing at his hand so I tried to feed him, and amazingly at 6am he took 8 ounces, I was on Thanksgiving very Thankful.

We all then went to sleep, and slept until a bit before nine when I heard Emily retching again, and this time Mike got up. We decided to give her a bit of bread, along with another Popsicle, and it seemed to help her some. We then cancelled Thanksgiving with the family so no one would get sick, and I headed to the store to hunt a small turkey. The local Albertsons was stripped bare, but the wonderful person behind the counter hunted down a turkey........he found an 18 pound one. I thanked him, but politely said I would take the small roaster chicken left because there were only three of us. I made a nice Thanksgiving dinner, and around 3pm Emily headed downstairs, and looked a bit better. She ate chicken and sweet potato casserole, and then fell on the couch.

Emily is better, Jude is eating, and I am tired, but that's easily remedied. All in all it was a change in plans, but a very nice day with my wonderful family. I will post some pictures of our impromptu dinner on Monday. Many blessings to you, and your families, and I hope you have a wonderful wonderful holiday.

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Candace said...

AUUUGGGGG, Jenn! Why does that stuff happen at just the right time? I hosted our first Christmas in our new house, 2 yrs ago, after working all day on the food, all our family arrived (about 20 folks). I was dishing food up and felt weird- before I could make it to the bathroom-just like Emily. I felt so embarrassed, but I was sick as a dog for 4 days! No more hosting for me, I am finished! LOL! Happy Thanksgiving- Feel better Miss Emily!