Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well Jude seems to finally be doing much better. He still has one or two crying screaming tantrums a day, but he is eating again! He had two six ounce bottles this morning which made me sigh with relief. As stated before in Jude's case if he stops sucking on a bottle it could mean he has forgotten how to suck. Lot's of kids with microcephaly have to eat through other means because they cannot eat through their mouths. Although, I am becoming more and more convinced Jude will not suffer from microcephaly. I called the neurosurgeons office today just to tell them what has been happening with Jude. I asked them specifically what symptoms are associated with a child that has forgotten to eat. She explained them to me. She then tracked Jude's new head measurement and said they would classify him as continuing to stay at the 5th percentile. I told her I had the 3rd, and she stated it was really the 5th. So as long as he follows that curve he is good! She also stated that DR Roberts had written that Jude has swelling in the lateral ventricles and a POSSIBLE fluid pocket. She said he hadn't even mentioned that he was looking for microcephaly. She also stated what we had heard a long time ago from Dr Twickler that this was a "rare" issue. Although, she also said that even though it's rare they have a lot of patients with this issue because DR Roberts is such an expert with them. I then asked her if it turns out this is the issue and NOT microcephaly does he have a chance of being normal. She said they simply go in and drain the fluid and most of the kids are normal and healthy. My understanding was that the fluid was filling in places the brain did not develop so this was confusing to me. She explained that the fluid can put pressure on other parts of the brain so regardless of brain growth it needs to be drained. So we have to wait until 12/19 and the we are going to have the MRI for sure. She said even if he checks out just fine they will want a definitive picture. They really think Jude is just a normal baby and will be fine.  Anyway, so please some prayers that Jude continues to eat ok and stays healthy. Oh and Em has still been the BIGGEST help with him. You should see the way Jude looks at her. It's like her knows she is a kid too. Here is their pic together. They are my sunshines, my reason for surviving, and my loves!
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Ps. Sarah come home I miss your calls! ha ha.

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