Monday, November 24, 2008

A sick little Juders

Well my baby is sick, and I feel horrible for him!!! Friday he started being a bit colicky and having bouts of crying fits. Those are always fun when they last for hours, and you just cannot find anything to console them with. We were a bit concerned, but really thought it was just the acid reflux he was dealing with again. We could hear the tiny hiccup inside, and then Jude would scream, and scream. So we had the wedding we were going to on Saturday, and then I had plans to go out. It seemed Jude was going to be ok so we proceeded with our plans. We received a report from his grandmother that while we were away at the wedding he was wonderful. So we marched off home so I could get ready to go out with my girlfriends for a rare girls night out treat. I primped, and changed my clothes several items to try to make my still pregnant booty look smaller! My best friend of years and years Ginger showed up at my house in her cute little page boy hat all smiles and ready to go. Jude was sleeping, Emily was sleeping, and I was out the door! We talked up a storm on the way to our little hole in the wall meeting place. She is the friend that girls have that you may not talk to for months, but you will pick up exactly where you left off before. We were going to see my friends Rod and Gina who were in town for work. My other best friend of years Kelly was coming to meet us there too. Even my old friend Roy er um Billy who holds a highly respective job, but loves to just be himself was coming to see us. I have to admire people that stick to their true selves! In other words it was going to be the perfect laid back night! A little while into our night we enjoy some music, a glass of wine, we poked fun of the singer on stage who seemed to be stuck in 1972, and the lady dancing with hair higher than mine in 1988! Then BAM I get hit by mac truck running through my phone.... ring ring ring. I pick up and CODE GOAT CODE GOAT!!! The baby is screaming so loud that I can barely hear Mike. Mike is so frustrated and it is clearly shown through his tone "The baby has been screaming since you left and nothing is comforting him I don't know what to do". At first I was angered that he is bothering me on my one night out! I mean I deal with a crying baby all the time right? Then I realize Jude just really isn't right. So I told Mike to give him some mylanta on top of his prescription, and I would call him back in ten minutes. At that point my friends and I had decided the star struck 70's singer was just to much for us so we moved outside. We then discussed going across the street to a quieter restaurant who just so happened to have a Beatles cover band playing. You cannot ask for much more than good friends, The Beatles, and a glass of wine! So as promised I then called Mike back to see if the medicine had worked. I thought that surely the mylanta would calm him down, and I could stay a little bit longer with my friends. When Mike ansered the Code Goat was now a major Code goat with the serious machine gun cry mixed in. I looked at my friends, and lowered my head then said I had to go home. They all gave me hugs, and said they understood , but I still felt terrible. My friend Ginger had driven all the we from Aubrey to see me. Since Ginger had driven us Kel was nice enough to loan me her car to drive home. On the way to my house I got a text from Kel "They were playing Hey Jude as we walked in". I just laughed and proceeded home in the dark wondering if Jude was ok. My mind raced with the words implanted in my brain that digestive issues can be a sign of microcephaly. I got home to a frustrated husband, a wailing baby, and a little girl who can obviously sleep through a tornado because she hadn't moved!!! I held and comforted Jude, and gave him some Tylenol. I got him to eat about 4 ounces, and he then fell asleep on my chest. He slept until about 12:30 and then stayed up until 4:30 screaming. About that time I decided momma needed some sleep so I laid him on Mike's arm where he snuggled in for a snooze until about 8:30.

Today he is still screaming and choking because he has such a stuffy nose. Our scariest moment was giving him his medicine and he choked so bad he stopped breathing!!! I was screaming "THE BABY ISN'T BREATHING MAKE HIM BREATH!!!!" crying!!!! Mike calmly took him and hit him on the back hard and he started breathing again. So GEES! So since Mike is now running his painting business, and has good trustworthy guys working for him he has more freedom to stay home. So he drove me to work (since I have the baby car), dropped me off, drove home, then came back to take him to the doctor, and then is coming back again to pick me up from work. So he gets daddy points today! So the doctor report.....The good news is Jude's head grew to 15 inches which is still a little behind, but still growth! He has gained 7 ounces, and she said he looks very healthy. He has a bit of a cold, but that could have been caused by the acid reflux backing up into his nasal passages. So basically his diagnoses is his has REALLY bad acid reflux. So the doctor changed his formula again, we have to use saline spray, and suck his nose out. We were also instructed to use some rice in his milk to help keep the fluid down more. So it's been a nightmare of a weekend, but hopefully Jude will be back to his old self again soon! Sarah said she feels for him because everything has gone wrong. I told her that actually Em didn't have any issues when she was born but was sick for the first 6 months. She had 7 ear infections within 6 months, and had acid reflux so bad she was on 2 medicines each time she ate. Luckily she grew out of all that and is a healthy little girl, but talk about missing work! I haven't missed a day yet just for Jude being sick. With Em it was constant.
Well good luck with your week everyone. I have been dieting my tail off and now it seems that darn Turkey is waiting to pounce on me when I walk around the corner!

Em helping her sick baby brother:
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PurpleQuilterQueen said...

Poor baby! So sorry to hear of Jude's reflux. My girlfriend's kids both had it and it sounds like a nightmare. Take care and keep a stiff upper lip! So good to see you at the wedding too. Jennifer

Cjengo said...

Thank you so much! It was great to meet you. The wedding was beautiful and I bawled when Jenn danced with her dad...ugh!