Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sick woes

Can you believe my luck?? Let me explain in detail. Last night I went to check on Emily because she had been very grumpy. I mean falling down on the floor stomping mad with me looking at her like I needed to hire an exorcist grumpy. Well when I checked on her she was asleep so I felt her cheek, and she was hot so I went and turned down the air. A little while later I came back and checked her again and she was now BURNING up! So we take her temp and it's 103!!! Oh yeah.......Miss Em doesn't play when she has a fever people. One minute she is fine the next minute she is 103 and higher. She has always been like that so I am lucky she doesn't get them often. I looked her over and concluded I think she has a virus.
This on top of the fact that when I got home Jude felt warm and his temp was at 99.4. Now granted with him his grandma Suzy had him in 2 onsies and I think he was just warm from the clothes. I had left two changes of clothes, and she thought I meant put both on him. Anyway, so this morning I got up knowing Em wasn't going to school. Then I begin to change Jude's diaper and BLAH he throws up everywhere it's in his eyes, ears, hair......sigh.........picture me running him to the bath. He just sat in the water all cute looking a little stunned. So now not only do I deal with the guilt of going back to work I have to deal with the guilt of not going to work. In other words a working moms nightmare. Although, my husband came through and saved the day. He loaded up his crew took them to buy all the paint for the new property he is working on. He then sent them on their way with paint, spray rigs, and caulk. He then came home and has watched both kids with his mom. I know his mom is just so sweet, but she is elderly and two of the kids sick may have been to much. So Mike has been updating me all day, sending me lil pics, and even recordings. So Em looked at me through her sickness and asked me "Why are we having such bad luck lately mommy...did we do something bad?". UGH! What do you say to that? Profound statement from a ten year old.
Last night I got home and Jude went to sleep in an hour. He got back up once to eat, but he ate with his eyes closed....it broke my heart. I pondered the working 8:30 - 2:30. I wondered which was more important being with them, or providing a nice life for them. I sat and wondered a lot. I then looked for my glass of wine, and remembered I am on my strict diet. So I headed to the tub and soaked for awhile. Bubbles seem to always make things a little better.

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