Friday, November 7, 2008


So I went to Old Navy on lunch to buy some jeans for jean day Friday at work. Keep in mind that I have been on my diet and it's a STRICT one!! I am not one of those chicks that complains about her weight, and doesn't do anything about it. So I fully expected to walk in there not being close to my regular size 6, but not being what I fit into either!! You can probably see where I am going with this blog. Picture a plethora of jeans to try on, a mirror that LIES, and thighs that are still pregnant. There was lots of pulling, tugging, cussing, and throwing. I thought about trying to rub my hangers together to catch the pile of jeans on the floor on fire it seems bonfires are not allowed at Old Navy.

So it seems the dang denim fairy hates me too, and if I find that lil you know what I will rip her little wings off her! So if you are searching for me tonight just throw me the life preserver at the bottom of the wine bottle. Hey If I am going to be fat I might as well do it up right. lol

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Holly Mackerel said...

Hey, where did you get that cute silver shirt you wore out for your anniversary? I want one!