Thursday, November 13, 2008

So tired..........

Hey guys I just got back from Em's game. Turns out she had a double header because they lost their first game. She ended the season in third. I had to rush to her game from the dr, but only after I had dropped baby Jude and Mike at home. I then received MULTIPLE phone calls from Miks in hsyterics that the baby was bawling. I brushed it off as a "daddy gone crazy" moment only to come home to a bawling baby in pain. He is NOT like himself at all, and is finally asleep. So I am not typing long because I am a bit worried. I will type my long report and doctor story tomorrow. Have I mentioned I have a HUGE issue with doctor's that have a God complex? Mmmm, tune in tomorrow. This mama got VERY irritated and even threatened to sick her hubby on them...........sigh............heat of the moment (rolling eyes in shame).

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