Wednesday, November 19, 2008


When Jude is extremely fussy and starts crying in that machine gun type cry that babies have... Mike calls it the "goat cry". Let me explain what I mean by machine's waaaaaaaa....a.a.a.a.a.a....wahhhhhhhhh...a.a.a.a.a.a. So we have now classified that urgent someone HELP me now cry as "CODE GOAT!" (because it kinda sounds like a goat cry too). We definitely had a code goat kinda night folks! I have sang "Hey Jude" so many times I am literally hoarse, although it seems to be the only thing that will settle him down. For some reason today his daddy was able to calm him better than I could. Mike holds him up and Jude "Stands" on his legs and this makes Jude happy ......... for awhile. I am not sure what was bothering him tonight, but I have turned my music playlist on and he is very happy with me on the couch. Even little Emily was very concerned about her brother tonight. Since his soft spot was still sunken I did not panic and run to the ER. I couldn't feel any lumps, bumps, or swelling. He wasn't running a fever, and he had been eating ok all day per Suzy. So I guess he just needed to vent! After the goat episode was over I felt like falling into a chair and crying myself!!!!! We got home tonight again at 7. Maybe that's what is bothering Jude? In our society we strive to have nice homes, cars, good times, etc. Makes you wonder at times if the people that had old log cabins had it right. Just living off the Earth with your kids with no worries. I guess they also didn't have antibiotics, etc. There always seems to be a debate for something.

Oh yeah and I also agree with James opinion on some doctors...just grrr. (I saw your comment)

So would you like a laugh? After everything we have been through we always look for something to laugh about and keep us positive. We were just listening to my favorite version of "Hotel California" which is the live version by the Eagles with the 12 string guitar. Anyway, Mike had Jude standing on his legs and Mike was shaking Jude's tiny little booty. He was also singing in his "baby voice". I was cracking up!

Have a good night all.

Here is a pic of Jude on his dads lap tonight:
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Mara said...

Hi- I have been following your prgnancy here and there.I heard about you from Luana on the Tx pageant board. I too, was pregnant with a high risk baby. she had swelling in her brain and holes in her heart. Kayden Amberlyn Hope (gotta have hope) was born July 4th 3 1/2 weeks early. she spent 11 days in NICU and is now scheduled for open heart surgery. you can check on her progress by checking out our blog.
We will keep in touch ~smile

Cjengo said...

I will be happy to, and please know your baby is in my thoughts and prayers.