Friday, May 20, 2016

Losses and Races

I am a member of an online support group for parents that have lost their child. It's hard seeing the stories but you feel a connection because of the loss. One thing I have learned is to again be eternally grateful for my blessings. Most of the children have the same sort of passing. Car wreck, childhood illness, going to sleep and not waking up for no known reason, and it seems #1 is the flu. So maybe my passing that along will help others be aware of situations to watch and to seek help if needed. It also seems like it just started as a mild illness and progressed very quickly like 24 hours quick. 

People are still asking how I am. It's a natural question. I take things day by day. Sometimes I feel like screaming and sometimes I am alright. I have been immersing myself in work and with setting up the big Emily's Smile Box event on 9/24. We are now all set up on and we have everything ordered for the event. I feel very accomplished that we got everything handled so early. 

We start the day with a 5K race to honor Jude and spread pediatric stroke awarness. Here is the link if you would like to attend in the DFW area. Note you do not have to do the race to attend the Emily's Smile Box making party.

If you would like to virtual run for Jude because you are to far away then here is that link. With a full explanation of how to particpate.

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