Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Is Being Nice A Lost Cause? Does social media change us?

It's raining again today. I believe it's pretty much rained every day since Jude died. We have a few breaks with some sun but I am ready for some steady sunny days. It helps keep your emotional well being more positive. 

This past weekend there were several topics that arose within the news that sparked different reactions from people across social media. The reactions ranged from differing opinions to threats of violence. I have a habit of opening my mouth when I believe people are being treating wrong or unjustly. This would be considered my "opinion". I think it's fine for people to discuss their opinions and it's even healthy to discuss differing ones in a mature respectful manner. However when did our population adapt to such an angry and violent society? When did we start judging others from afar without looking in the mirror? Judgment seems to come easy and swift from those behind key boards pounding away their thoughts one strike at a time. Threatening acts of violence and ruining others lives based on social media news stories has almost become second nature. 

My uncle used to be in law. I once asked him why he chose to become a criminal defense attorney. His response left me breathless when he said an estimated 10% of people on death row are innocent. We fragile humans wrapped in our naivety are so easily swayed by the media, We tend to try and hang a person just based on what we have heard versus what we know is factual. Some media outlets lace their stories with information that may not have been confirmed just to capture the most recent scoop. Their job is to focus on drama and obtain internet views and shares which in turn gives little regard to the person in the story itself. Isn't our job as a responsible society to have all the facts before condemning another party? Our actions as a whole have driven people from social media, from their homes, and from their jobs. When do we accept responsibility for how we treat others? Regardless of your "opinion" on a subject the fact still remains that America is an innocent until proven guilty society. We should give individuals that respect. 

Is it so hard to learn to be kind to one another? Is it a lost cause?

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