Friday, January 1, 2016

The New Year

Well it's New Year's Day. Jude is still not feeling well and a struggling with a pretty bad cough but we did get lots of smiles today! So I haven't set any resolutions for the past few years. Probably because j have been so immersed in Jude's condition and a bit of sorrow. This year I vowed to make some changes.

1. I plan to lose 40 pounds by 4/4! I did this once before for a resolution. It was after I had Emily and with simple calorie counting and exercise I shed the weight Quickly. I will always think that's the best way to get in shape!

2. I plan to take steps towards Mike and I adopting children out of foster care. We always wanted more children but have been so hesitant due to Jude. So we finally decided to look at moving forward with the steps needed. No rush but just the steps. Don't say anything negative about it our I will kick you.

3. I plan to date my husband more and finally take a vacation with just him.

4. I plan on paying some debt off and look again at selling our house and getting us the land we always dreamed of.

5. figure out my spiritual and career goals.

In other words I still plan on putting my children's needs ahead of my own but I recognize Mike and I need to pay attention to ourselves too. We are planning to go to New Orleans in April for some much needed time together.  I am going to figure out Jude's situation and nursing hours here so he doesn't have to leave our home. I am praying it all works out.

Happy New Year!

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