Monday, January 25, 2016

Um huh???

I am in MUCH better spirits. I was able to get lots of rest and reset time this past weekend and it did wonders for my psche! I did speak to the health insurance company again today to find out what their next steps are in regards to the formal appeal. I had to share the conversation because it's rather laughable. I asked the lady that answered what the next steps were regarding the appeal. 

Her: Well it will be assigned to a nurse and I show that has been done
Me: Wait I am confused. So a nurse makes the next decision regarding if the claim will be approved
Her: yes that's right
Me: So the other day an RN case manager called to tell me our informal appeal had been denied. When questioning her the specifics I was told she was only a nurse and could not over ride a doctor and that it's only the doctors opinion that matters and he had denied it. Yet now you are saying it will be assigned back to an RN to make the ultimate decision. So possibly it could even go to the RN that originally called me?
Her: Yes. 

You can picture me squinting right now can't you? You know you can. I am hoping she was just wrong but you never know.

Jude had a weekend laced with oxygen issues, mucus plus, crying, and vomit. Many remarks were made in jest by our nurses about the denial and Jude's condition. Even though he had some rough patches he gave me lots of smiles this weekend which was wonderful. 

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