Friday, January 15, 2016

Not a good evening and not a good night

Jude was having significant oxygen issues with me during my evening shift. I worked to re position him and give him the proper medications to get him more comfortable. I tried a breathing treatment but he still was having issues. Finally by the time the nurse got there Jude was a little more settled. However that didn't last! At 2:30am the night nurse knocked on our door. We were both in a deep deep sleep and we both jumped out of bed with a scare. Mike ran into the dog crate and probably broke his toe and I was a little bewildered. The nurse said Jude had been throwing up and she was concerned and was wondering if we had medication for nausea. I explained we had the Zofran and so she gave him a dose. We debated on what was causing him to vomit. Mike and the nurse believed it could be the antibiotic but I pointed out it's only once a day in the morning and it's not as strong of an antibiotic like he normally takes. I then pointed out that Jude vomits if he has pneumonia. 

After the scare I never really could fall back into a deep sleep and I went to check on a Jude a couple of times. I am very tired at work this morning and really just want to go home. I called hospice this morning and they are going to go check on Jude and let me know their thoughts. 

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meme said...

prayers for jude!!