Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wednesday's update

I had someone contact me from the health insurance company regarding the appeal. She stated she received two letters of medical necessity from Jude's doctors and was wondering if I wanted to wait to turn in more. She is holding the file until tomorrow or Friday. I told her that I would like to obtain additional letters and I was able to obtain another one today from Jude's prior neurologist. I have also put requests into hospice, his pediatrician, and his GI. Each one seems disgusted that Jude has been denied nursing again and hospice is concerned this will lead to a Medicaid denial again. So basically we are stalled waiting on these letters and then they will submit everything for the appeal. She did clarify that it's given to an outside source but did not clarify if it would be an RN or doctor. 

Hospice went by to see Jude and they said he actually looked pretty good today. He was up in his wheelchair and did not have as many secretions today. However his seizures have picked up greatly. I am anxious to get home to see him today and give him a big hug. Thanks for everyone's continued prayers and thoughts for Jude. 


Alison said...

I just can't believe all the hoops you are having to jump through! I'm so glad that Jude has you on his side!

lilbets said...

Hi I have followed your blog for a little while and hope Jude is okay as you havent posted for awhile.