Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Still angry.........

When I got home tonight I was just exhausted both emotionally and physically. I looked around Jude's surroundings and I wondered again how the insurance agency could say he didn't have medical necessity.


Luckily Jude was having a pretty good night so I felt okay getting him on video. Even during a good night he struggles through his chronic lung disease to breathe but this is MUCH better than a bad night.


It makes me angry these large health organizations hold people's lives in their hands and make decisions without seeing the patient in person. Jude has Medicaid he will be okay but I am angry for America! I am angry that people on hospice situations have to worry about insurance. It's not right. Emily is confused and is wondering how companies can make these decisions. Anyway, I am done venting on this subject. I am just frustrated today so bear with me.

Jude's oxygen alarm is going off so I have to run. Have a good night.


goodie girl said...

Yes you have the right to angry. Insurance companies should be required to visit each home/hospice site where children with major medical problems live. They should have to see what each family member has to live with and loves the child. Praying for you and your family.

Anonymous said...


HUGS from a Canadian family!

Anonymous said...

Breaks my heart that as well as having to see your precious son go through all of this, that you also have to deal with these insurance problems. Sending prayers his way. Say hello to Jude from Australia.