Friday, April 24, 2015

Kid down! Kid down!

Ever have one of those moments where you think "you have got to be shitting me" (forgive my language). I was all about that sentence last night as I realized my daughters sickness was just not getting any better. 6-8 weeks ago she went to Care Now and received an antibiotic shot due to what they thought was a sinus infection. Emily is rarely ill so we figured she would quickly recover but she didn't. So then we saw the Doctor on Demand........twice. They originally diagnosed a continued sinus infection and ordered antibiotics and a steroid.  She got better for awhile but then she started showing symptoms again. So then they said they thought it was viral. Per the ER last night they would have diagnosed the exact same thing based on her prior symptoms........but now we have a never ending consistent cough. Emily has walking I am not kidding. Basically the exact same highly contagious form that Jude had in ICU. I mean really? So she is at home prescribed an antibiotic for respiratory issues, 50 vials of abuterol, and a steroid. If you have called and I have not returned your call you now know why. 

To top it off when I rushed Emily up to the ER our nurse had still not shown for the night. So I get to the ER and my phone keeps going off with the nursing agency calling. I asked my husband to handle it and it turned out the nurses car overheated. Bear in mind that Jude was at home very ill last night. Luckily they got a replacement nurse. We all got in bed about 1:30 or so. I then kept waking up about every hour to check on Emily and peek my head out at Jude. I am tired and I would like to go home early today but that won't happen. 

The good thing is Em was in a good mood and although sick is toughing it out with a smile. 

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