Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday!

Jude had a fairly good day yesterday. He had a few coughing episodes and it's never easy for him when that happens. Last night my friend Sarah came to take some pictures of Jude and the family. We had a really good visit and Jude was in a great mood for her and very full of smiles. However I kept pointing out that I thought he felt warm. I must have taken his temp 10 times while she was there but the highest it got was 98.7. I also noticed his heart rate was rather high which is an indication to me a fever is brewing on the inside. I also noticed when suctioning him that some of the phlegm was greenish. 

When the night nurse got there I went to bed but I felt like I heard Jude's alarms go off all night long. I did not get much sleep or restful sleep and neither did Jude. So this morning when I was leaving for work the night nurse told me "You know how you thought he felt warm? Well his fever did spike. I put a wet cloth on his forehead and gave him some Motrin". So I walked over to tell Jude goodbye. He was in a twilight sleep and gave me the biggest smile when I kissed his cheek. I talked to him for a minute and stroked his cute hair and he continued to grin. He was a bit pale again and he was sweating which I am sure was from the fever. 

So Jude is up and down. As long as we work with his oxygen flow levels we can keep his oxygen in the 90's. His heart rate is still running fairly high to me but he is happy. One minute I think Jude is on a decline but the next he is looking more like his old self and seems pretty happy. He keeps us guessing. 

I have to work today while the rest of the family is off for the holiday. I talked Mike into taking Emily out to do errands she needed completed. He said he is about to sell me today, lol. 

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