Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jude's update (includes picture that may be disturbing)

I didn't post an update at 4pm yesterday because I was really at a loss for words. I wasn't sure what Jude's status was and I wanted to watch him overnight. To sum it up Jude had a very rough night. I could tell Friday that he was just starting to feel very poorly. I again felt like I was saying over and over "he looks pale".  Then last night he just looked terrible and was having significant breathing issues. This picture is disturbing so I understand if you need to look away. 

I knew the only person that could get Jude feeling better is Charlotte. So before I called hospice out I wanted to see what she could do. To be honest........I kind of felt like this was Jude taking a turn for the worse. I slept for awhile this morning to try to help my pneumonia and I also wanted to give Charlotte time to work with him before I left. When I got up she was giving him a breathing treatment and he was in the shaker vest. She mentioned his lungs didn't sound well and I asked her to call me if he gets worse. She said if he got worse there was no other option but to call me and hospice crisis care. 

So I went to work with Jude on my mind and waited to hear something. About 11am I texted Charlotte and the charge nurse with hospice who had stopped by to see him. I was told Charlotte got him breathing better and he was resting comfortably! She is amazing. They are going to start Jude on a steroid in addition to the antibiotic he is on. I have mentioned that sometimes I feel like we just get him better with modern medications only to put him back through this misery again. However the nurse pointed out that they are comfort measure too and when his body is done it will give up without medications or intervention. I want him comfortable but of course I really would love him completely healthy. Realistically I know that is no longer an option. 

So the question remains on if Jude will get better with Charlotte working with him and the medications or if his little lungs are just tired. We will see how the day goes. 


Cori Goforth said...

I'm praying for your sweet little Jude! I love you and I'm praying for peace for your family.

Gracie Woo said...

May GOD Put his Shield of Protection Around Jude & BLESS his little Heart, Body & SOUL!! May he heal his broken Lungs & keep him Safe Healthy & Happy!!