Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dr Happy Heart and the funky bunch

I went to see the doctor today. I had to share my conversation with him. After his initial assessment he proceeds to tell me about some tests he wants to run and he and the nurse come in and out of the room

Dr Happyheart: We want to test your thyroid. 

Me: My cousin said that's what's wrong with me and she knows all! Thyroid issues run in my family.

Nurse happyheart: Do you prefer one arm or the other for blood?

Me: No arm?

Nurse happyheart giggled. 

Dr Happyheart: we want to run a stress test too. I really think this will come back as something we can control and nothing serious. 

Me: Good but I can tell you the result of the stress test. I am stressed. Also, before you say it I know I am not at my ideal weight. I know all about working out and looking fit. Before my son I used to work out 3-5 times a week and ate super healthy. Now I walk through the door from work and take over an Rn's job for 5 hours until the night nurse gets there and then I just want to crash. SO my exercise consists of letting my German Shepherd pull me around the neighborhood. Make no doubt though I used to be super cute. 

Dr Happy heart giggled. He then put me on some medication and they set up the future tests. We will see how it goes but I am not to worried.  Basically my gathering is this could be from high blood pressure, exhaustion, and lifting Jude......but we will see. 

Jude's alarms went off all night long. His oxygen would dip but then he would quickly recover so all night I would hear beep beep silence. Cough cough, beep beep, silence, cough get the idea. Poor little guy. Nurse Allen is on shift today and he said Jude had a fairly rough morning and even threw up and it was bueno says the mommy. I am off to Emily's weekend tomorrow night and will be checking in regularly with the home front. 

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Brenda said...

Good luck to Emily this weekend! Hope everything goes good at home while you are gone. Stick to your plan to chill out in the hotel room and watch movies. You need it!