Monday, April 13, 2015

Jude's weekend, my heart, and Emily's pageant

Jude had a fairly good weekend although he did present with some oxygen issues. In fact on Saturday night when I waited on the night nurse I couldn't get his oxygen to hold in the 90's even on 10 liters. After lots of CPT and a breathing treatment I got it to 92. She also had some issues throughout Saturday night but as usual Jude was still full of smiles. Jude slept yesterday until 1pm then he got up for awhile and went back to sleep at 5. He slept during my shift but then was up for the night nurse. I kept hearing his alarms go off all night and he kept choking. For some reason he has started this new trend of building mucus plugs in his throat. They are larger and harder to get out than they normally are. He actually threw up twice this weekend trying to get them up. 

So I hate not feeling well. I don't like talking about it either but I am going to since I promised to be forthcoming on this blog. I had more issues yesterday which I believe relate to the blood pressure and ultimately my heart. I had sharp pinching chest pain, shortness of breath, and a host of other issues while walking the mall with Emily. The symptoms have slowly and consistently been raising their head but yesterday was a combination of events. SO here is the thing. I am pretty well versed medically because Jude's ordeal. I think I blew this off as stress and anxiety for so long that I think I may have backed myself into a corner that will require some medical intervention. I now know without even seeing a doctor I have an issue. Call it my medical intuition and reality. I am sure it will be easily will be controllable so I am not really talking about it right now and don't want to so please don't text. This is my way of getting it out there. I have an appointment with a cardiologist on Thursday........don't text me then either please it adds stress. I will update the blog I promise. I am pretty sure it's cardiomyopathy and it will be easily controlled with medication. So why post this? Because for a parent I want others in my situation to know even though people think you are a super hero.........your body is not. Sometimes it breaks down. Think about it..........if you go years upon years with accute stress and severe lack of sleep..........what do you think will happen? Doctors tell me to reduce my stress, sleep more, and get out more and I just look at them with my head cocked sideways and my eyebrow raised. They generally laugh and say, "Yeah easier said than done I know". They know.......they get it........this is life and all you can do is handle it. It will work out and be okay and if not it was all worth it but it will. I am not worried just proactive.

Emily's pageant is this weekend. She has worked SO hard and I am very proud of her. Mike and the nurses are watching Jude so I WILL get a chance to relax. I am staying a the hotel and Emily is so busy with practice and events that I think I will lay on the bed a lot and watch movies. I am hoping this is her year and that Emily's tenacious attitude that never gives up will be rewarded, but if not she is always a winner in my eyes! I will post lots of pictures on Monday.


Sharon Blontz said...

Just wanted you all to know that your family inspires me. Jennifer your tenacity inspires me.

Lin | Timeshare attorney said...

tnx jennifer , blesses