Monday, August 23, 2010

The weekend update.

This weekend was good. I mentioned we went to Emily's training camp for school, and tomorrow is the big day. My little girl will be going to middle school. The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning Emily's room out, cleaning the garden out, doing laundry, and more. I also spent a lot of time with Jude. I played with him, watched him smile, and we showed everyone that would watch peek a boo. Jude has been very good lately just hanging out on his mat either on his back or tummy. He is pretty content, and enjoys people talking with him.

So I had mentioned my issues with my marriage, and that it's hard raising a special needs child. Friday he was again frustrated, screaming, and storming off. When he got home he said he wanted to go to Emily's training camp the next day. I just broke down in tears. When he asked me what was wrong I said, "Sometimes you are so hateful, and then you do something so nice". He immediately started crying, and said "I am just having a hard time with my son being disabled". He admitted it. So overall after that we did much better this weekend, and I made sure to show Mike a video I found. I encourage you to click on the link, and watch it so you will know what I am talking about. . After Mike watched the video he was a bit teary, as we all should be, and he said "but that's different it's him dealing with his own disfigurement, this is me dealing with my sons, and I have no control". I said, "but that's where you are wrong, you do have control, and Jude is very happy. He doesn't know he has issues, he is just a happy baby because he has loving parents, so this is your own disappointment with his condition that you will have to work through". It's almost like a light went off in his head, and he grew silent. Mike never grows silent. Normally I hear him yelling about how I am Snow White always seeing the bright side, but this time he seemed to hear me. He is a good man, he is just so frustrated.

Tomorrow we go for the G button consult. I will be sure to let everyone know the actual date of the surgery. Last night Mike was kissing on Jude's tummy telling him he didn't want them to put anything in the place he kisses. I assured him he still could kiss on Jude's tummy.

Here is another project I did this weekend. This is in my kitchen above the window, I thought it was fitting. I got it from my friend Stormy Denman on facebook. Here is her website:

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