Friday, August 20, 2010

The nutrionist, and my boss

It seems we have made the right decision with the G button. The nutritionist came by yesterday, and Jude has only gained 11 ounces in three months. She said that wasn't acceptable, and was glad to hear we were going through with the surgery. On top of that Jude threw up all over Mike, his back, and the sheets this morning. Poor Mike, he has just had it lately. I really think the G button will make things easier for him, plus with the nurses extra hours Mike can look for a job. I am so worried about Jude actually going under, but I am hoping this will be some relief Mike needs.

So I do have a funny story to share. I have been following my diet, and I am happy to report I am down 5 pounds! By my trip in February I plan to be down another 10 pounds, tan, and muscular again. This is important to me because I used to always work out prior to Jude. I think I have been so stuck in a rut that I have let myself go. I am ready to get myself back again. So next week I start back to the gym, with following the diet. So today when I got up I put some nice jeans on, nice heels, a pretty in fashion shirt that is very flowy, and did my hair and make up. The shirt is white, with a pretty pink and peach flower, and has sparkles on the front. In other words, I made an effort, and this is what I got.

My boss walks in, and I am sitting behind my desk.

Boss: What the HELL are you wearing?
Me: what? you mean my earrings?
Boss: No that mu mu thing you have on.
Me: Mu mu?? It's a shirt, and very fashionable thank you
Boss: Well it looks like you came in your pajamas
Me: it does not!
Boss: stand up
I stand up
Boss: Oh ok, well see I couldn't see the cut off the shirt, it's cute
Me: Way to call me out there boss, I just lost 5 pounds, actually made an effort today, way to make me feel pretty buddy
Boss (laughing): well I like the sparkles.

Men! lol

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sarah said...

LOL! I guess it could be could have a pervert boss who hits on you even if you look horrible! It sounds like you have a good relationship with your boss. I have had a few bosses like that, and it makes going to work so much easier!

I think the G button is a good choice too. And it doesn't mean you failed, or that you have given up. Jude can have the occasional bite/taste of food and drinks if he desires to, can't he? It just means that you are doing everything in your power to make sure he gets enough of the right nutrients to live his life to his full potential.