Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Surgery date, and shooting pontoons

Jude's surgery has been scheduled for Wednesday 9/8 at 7:30am. He will be the first patient of the day. After the surgery they have reserved a bed for Jude in the PICU. This makes me feel a bit better since he will have extra care. They have Jude's list of medications so I know they will be watching the Felbatol levels. We aren't sure how long he will stay, but he can probably come home by the weekend.

So let's inject a little humor since my blog has been very serious lately. So yesterday was what I deem a "craptacular" day. I didn't even mention yesterday that Mike got a speeding ticket on the way to the surgical center, or that Emily had an emotional day with her locker. There is more, but I won't delve into it all, let's just follow my cousins saying that "Mercury was jacked up" yesterday. My friend Kel had sent me a nice note telling me to go home, take a bubble bath, and enjoy a glass of wine. I emailed her back, and told her I am on a strict diet of no sweets, low calories, and no alcohol. Once I got home I was just spent! I gathered the family up, and a little money, and we went out to dinner. I figured we would be safe from any other incidents if we hid out at dollar taco night at the local Mexican restaurant, but I was wrong. As I was walking into the restaurant my pony tail holder snapped sending my hair flying in every direction. I knew I didn't have a pony tail holder in my purse, but I remembered seeing a black ribbon Emily had left. So as we were walking to our table, I fished through my purse for the ribbon. When I located it with my fingers I pulled, but it was stuck. So therefore, I pulled harder, and said ribbon then acted like a slingshot by shooting a tampon with great force into the air, and I watched in horror as it landed in the middle of the restaurant. The restaurant full of people there for dollar taco, and beer night. I avoided eye contact with everyone as I quickly walked to pick up the glaring embarrassment laying on the floor. Mike's back was to me, so he had no idea what had just taken place. Once we sat down I looked at him with disgust, and explained what happened. Emily said "what happened?". Mike replied "Your mom is dropping pontoons for everyone to see". That's it, this day officially sucked. So the waiter came over, and said "May I get you something to drink" and I replied "Why yes...yes you MAY!" Said diet went out the door last night!


Midwest Mommy said...

It's better to just laugh. At least I think it's easier.

sarah said...

I would probably be mortified too. That being said, I actually make a crochet case for tampons ( it looks like an eyeglass case), to avoid exactly that kind of situation. Send me an e-mail if you are interested in one...

yeah, I have some pretty craptastic days occasionally too. Any time I have to do a "take-down" is usually pretty crappy. The day that the school bus driver ( I think) reported my son's injuries from a take-down to CPS was a particularly low day. I hated having to defend my husband and I when we were the victims.

I think for some people it is easier to be on a diet if they DO occasionally have cheat days. You deserved tacos and a drink on a day like that!

Katy said...

Any day with a flying tampon is one for the records!

Have you ever shown Mike the Team Hoyt videos? They are amazing and inspirational and I think really good for men.