Saturday, August 21, 2010

Middle school, and little pictures

Jude has been good today, but he has been hard to feed again. I showed Emily how Jude will play peek a boo today. She laughed because he really will hide his head in my shoulder, and then pop it up smiling, expecting me to say PEEK A BOO JUDE. Then his little head will go back into my shoulder, and will repeat the process.

We took Emily to her "middle school training camp" today at her new school. Can I just say the schools are getting bigger, and more elaborate. Her middle school is bigger than my high school, it's crazy. It was amazing that the school held a "training camp" on a Saturday, so that was very respectful to the parents that work. Emily is both nervous, and excited about starting middle school. The big test will be to see if the girl can access her locker, she had a bit of an issue with that today. Luckily Mike went with us because he helped her practice entering the combination on the lock over, and over. She comes by her lack of lock combo issues naturally because I am the SAME way!

So I ran across these pictures of a little baby Jude today before we knew he had serious issues. He was, and is so cute. Just love these.

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