Saturday, August 28, 2010

A pretty day

It's a beautiful day! I got up early, and fed Jude about four ounces. I also made myself a healthy breakfast. After that I went for a nice long bike ride, and I really enjoyed it. I realize that I have also been very down since all this happened, and my mental health is improving a lot since I have started working out again.

Jude seems to be very happy today. We are having a problem with him throwing up again, but I guess that will be over with in a few weeks....I hope. I am very nervous about Jude going under, but I will have faith that everything will be just fine. I have taken two days off work so I can be with Jude in the hospital. I had some vacation time left, and my boss understood.

For my Scentsy fans, don't forget all the spring/summer scents, and warmers are going away 9/1. You can access my site at It's my second job, and your purchase is appreciated. The new catalog will be up by 9/2, and there are lots of amazing Christmas presents that will be available.

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