Friday, April 8, 2016

Jude's Night

Last night Jude's breathing was so scary and Mike even mentioned that he was truly concerned Jude wouldn't make it through the evening. However in true Jude fashion he did a bit of a turn around. I took him out of his bed and held him close holding his chin in an upright position to stop the apnea and raspy breathing. I did this for about two hours and Jude began to calm down and fall fast asleep. I was so happy he was resting comfortably in my arms and I gave him lots of kisses while he slept. 

 Hospice instructed us to turn off Jude's feeds so that we could try to get some of the fluid off his lungs. However I knew that running a slow drip of Pedialyte could help flush his body so about 3am I asked the nurse to put that on. Jude has been sleeping calmly ever since. I did end up coming into work and when I left I could hear some wheezing but he was still comfortable. 

The big test will to see how his day goes today. He did still have some crying out in pain last night but not as bad as he had throughout the week. So therefore the pain management course hospice has put him on is working. Hospice has informed us they will be going by to see him today and check on his condition. They also informed the hospice doctor last night of his condition. 

I really just want to be at home. I am also having the WORST allergy attack so thank you Texas for that situation this morning. I have to get Emily to Miss Dallas tonight so she can give up her crown this weekend but I really don't want to be away from Jude. I know his dad will keep me updated so I will stay close to my phone. 

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