Thursday, April 7, 2016

Frustrated but making it

So the short of it is that it's been an extremely stressful week. I think I have blogged that statement so many times that it has become irritating for me to read so I am sure it's frustrating to you. You know it's a bad week when your husband is crying begging God to just give us a break for a change. 

Basically Jude is not well. He is in pain and is crying most every evening and fighting oxygen issues. He has good hours filled with smiles and bad hours filled with pain. So hospice is setting up a pain management schedule where Jude will receive pain medications around the clock to hopefully offset any pain that could be coming on. There is a debate on whether this is respiratory related or intestinal and everyone has varying opinions. On top of this Mike's parents are not well and he and his sister are having to make some very stressful decisions regarding their care and finances. My grandmother always says, "Getting old isn't for the weak." In addition to these issues we had a situation creep up with surrounding our home that will probably have us sell within the next few weeks. I am also still waiting on nursing for this weekend and I have to go see Emily give her title up at Miss Dallas. I will enjoy myself but I will worry about Jude if we don't have full time nursing on Friday and Saturday. I have also met with some backlash on the Go Fund Me I set up for my friend which has been extremely frustrating. I won't go into details on that situation but just know the family appreciates your continued support. 

So I am overwhelmed. Story of my life it seems but yet again I am reminding myself it could be worse. You just take one step at a time and laugh when you can.  

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