Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We are okay

Jude's PT is so excited about his Baclofen pump. I am sure everyone would prefer that the pump magically appear vs the traumatic surgery to implant it. However, once it's in place I think we will see a huge improvement. We learned that several people show great cognitive improvement after the pump because they are no longer waisting energy on pain. I can hope that Jude sees this same result. We also learned that a friend of ours that was injured in a horrific high school football accident has this pump to help with his tone and pain.

Every other day when I get home there is a report laying on my counter. It's either from Physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy. A teacher visits my house every weekday and works with Jude. His nurses also help Jude in every aspect of his tone and pain. Once we get home from work we are then in charge of making sure he is comfortable. Mike said that the Baclofen pump is another reminder that our lives aren't normal, but a miracle for Jude. Sometimes we are so resistant to modern technology that we resist what may be best for our children. After extensive education and self education we have decided this is the best route for Jude and our family.

Overall Jude is very smiley and happy right now. I enjoy coming home and seeing his happy face!

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