Thursday, April 24, 2014

An update on Jude

We got up today at 4:30 to get Jude to Cooks by 6. Once we got there we saw several different specialists before the procedure commenced. Once the doctor came in he explained they weren't just injecting Jude with the Botox and Baclofen, but they were also using Pheonal too. I may have spelled that wrong. It's used to destroy nerve endings in motor nerves. It was concerning the doctor told us in liquid form the medication is highly explosive. However the doctor seemed convinced this was a good route for Jude to avoid surgery. It only took about an hour, but then a four hour recovery laying flat since they injected the baclofen into his spine. Once we saw Jude he was a bit groggy but then he quickly came around and he was very happy. His legs were so easy to move and I realized Jude had really been in pain and we just didn't understand to what extent. The relief of this stiffness and pain made Jude very happy!

The doctor said he could not have wished for a better result, but that this really shows Jude needs a Baclofen pump. I hate this idea but I hated the g button until we tried it. Now I praise the G button. If we proceed with the pump they would put it in and thread a catheter through Jude's spine. He would be in the hospital an estimated five days. I hate the thought of it but we have tried so many options for Jude regarding pain and tone. This would feed a constant supply of the medication that relieved Jude's pain today.

Tomorrow Emily and I leave for miss Dallas. The boys will be joining us Saturday. I am praying for a restful night for all. Jude is starting to experience so pain at the injection sites but it seems to be controlled by Motrin. I can say Jude handles a lot and he is such a trooper but mommy was a mess when the doctor asked me to hold Jude's hand as they put him to sleep. A gentle touch of a nurses hand provided comfort from one mom to another and I thank her for that. She dried a few tears with a single touch.

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