Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Jude's surgery and Emily's pageant

I held Jude last night when I got home and I stroked his little smooth tummy. I told him we were going to put a round pump in his stomach to help with the pain in his legs and he smiled at me. I am hoping he understood. As I got up for the third time in the middle of the night to straighten Jude's legs out while he was moaning in pain I realized this is the best option. I thought back to the picture Mike posted of Jude and the doctor placing the circular device where it would be placed.

If the surgery is confirmed for the date the doctors office stated then I will be at the hospital with Jude everyday but one. I will have to find someone to sit with him on the fourth day because the other girl in my office is out. I have been reading on the Baclofen pump and of course cried over this pages warnings http://www.baclofenpump.com/living/index.htm but I understand it's just like any other medication warnings or surgical warnings. If you read everything on the warning labels they give you then no one would be medicated.

I had to break the news to Emily last night that I may have to disappoint her and some others because of the surgery. Poor Emily........she was not happy. I get so stressed out wanting to please everyone and last night I was just spent. Sometimes I just have to step back and say "I can't it's just to much".  My ex friends voice ringing in my ears that I use Jude as an excuse has left my constantly questioning what decision I make. It's also left me a bit angry.

Emily did very well at the Miss Dallas Teen pageant. She looked great for interview and she seemed very confident that she did very well. She also looked great on stage. She was second runner up and we were SO proud. She was happy but a bit discouraged, this led to a conversation about how to reach your goals you have to have patience, determination, and perseverance. We pointed out how far she has come since she started her journey a year ago and she smiled. She is always such a great sport, she just questions what more she can do to prepare. I think this is healthy as long as she keeps it constructive and she does.

Emily's friend Katie competed in the miss division and was the first runner up. So she will go to state and compete as Miss Fort Worth for the title of Miss Texas USA. We are VERY excited for her. They are such a sweet and incredible family that have really been amazing to Emily. Emily really had a great time this weekend and made a lot of friends. We at dinner out the first night with several of the girls and she seemed to enjoy that. So now it's up to Emily if she wants to compete at state again in November. Jude came to the hotel on Saturday so he was able to be with us this past weekend and that was wonderful! In addition my family flew in from Missouri to watch her including my 83 year old grandmother. She said it was on her bucket list to see Emily compete and it literally made her day. I sat next to her the whole time and we gave each other opinions on everyone's pretty dresses. My family from TX and several amazing friends also came to watch her too. We were very grateful!

So we have a month's wait until the consultation and the final decision on the surgery and confirming the dates.

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